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"The Triton Consulting Group has done an overall stellar job while working with my team, Sav-E, this quarter. Going in, I requested what I believed to be fairly ambitious goals for the quarter, and they only surpassed them. I asked of them goals in market research, surveying our competition, and financial projections, and each time they showed me work, I took away something thought provoking from their insights. Moreover, the team worked quickly, honestly, professionally, and politely, and always provided what we asked for. Thank you for a great quarter Triton Consulting Group. I look forward to continuing the connection between TCG and Sav-E in the future."


"The thing that struck me the most was how in sync the team was. In all the presentations, rarely did they ever say “do I go” or “next slide”. Lots of synergy between speakers. Everything flowed really, really, really well."

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